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Link to the video on YouTube: Bitcoin Betting service is a betting pool of cryptocurrency rate movement. We work solely with cryptocurrencies. The service does not accept any fiat currencies Euro, Dollar, ruble etc. Cryptocurrency rate recorded every 5 minutes in present market price last price and it gets a status "base price".

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At the close of each 5-minute betting cycle bets close and new 5-minute betting period starts with a new base price. The draw expectancy stage starts after entries close and lasts for 15 minutes. Drawing takes place after 15 minutes of waiting if there is a sufficient quantity of participants.

Upon the draw, cryptocurrency rate recorded in биткоин заработок на ставках current price last price. If биткоин заработок на ставках placed a long UP bet and rate increased, you are entitled for a payoff in percentage correlation of your bet against the combined value of long UP bets.

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In this case, prize pool consists of combined value of short bets. The same happens, just the opposite way, if you put a short bet and the rate decreased. Bets accepted in биткоин заработок на ставках separate unit: The minimum bet amount for BTC is 0.

The maximum bet amount for BTC is A bet must be divisible by the minimum bet amount.

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It is possible to make long and short bets simultaneously. All your bets of the current drawing displayed in the unit "Bets". At the conclusion of bet acceptance period current drawing switches to draw expectancy mode.

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Information regarding betting and drawing displayed in the following unit: Period - is a unique number of the drawing. Base price — price recorded in the beginning of биткоин заработок на ставках биткоин заработок на ставках in a current price last price. Last price — is a current price that fluctuates in dependence to movement of the currency pair rate in the online mode.

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All bets amount - is a total value of long and short bets. Your bets - is a total value of your bets. On the right of each period displays its status, as a countdown to the end of the acceptance биткоин заработок на ставках bets or the countdown to the drawing, and after the draw you can click on it and see its result if the period is not canceled.

Accepting bets Winners are determined in accordance with last price fixing at the close of the draw.

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Calculation of the prize pool conducted in dependence to the bet amount in percentage correlation. Drawing cancels in the event of total absence of the bets. Drawing cancels if all bets placed in the same direction either long or short. Drawing cancels in case if at the end of the drawing base price matches with current price. In case drawing cansels all bets without charging a commission fee биткоин заработок на ставках back to users who made them.

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There is a daily limit on withdrawals of 0. It is forbidden to discuss financial issues and actions of the administration in a chat. Negative expressions of people who loses, insults to someone, etc.

биткоин заработок на ставках

For violations of the rules of the chat, the moderator may ban the user. We are in no way connected to any market, we just use API to get the prices.

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